Dear Vera – 3 Month Baby

Dear Vera,

Today you are three months old. I notice all the time how much bigger and stronger you are getting. You can hold your head up by yourself for a little while now and you love to face out when we hold you so you can see everything that’s going on. You’ve started sleeping longer stretches at a time and will even do eight whole hours every once in a while. Mom and Dad both really appreciate that, by the way. You’re also just starting to learn that you have hands and you are reaching for your toys and playing more.

You seem so happy most of the time and I love that. Everyone comments on what a content baby you are when we go out, and your big pretty eyes attract lots of attention and compliments. The color is still a mystery, but they are always surprisingly alert. It’s so funny how you always look like you know what’s going on. You met your Great-Grandma Lila for the first time and she said you look very mature for your age. That makes me laugh. :)

I can’t wait to see how much you grow and change before month four and what new surprises you have for me. I love you!

Love, Mom

See my girl at 2 months.


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