Twin Tuesdays: Home Constructions

Dania here.

Today it is 80 degrees here. In March. 80. Degrees. Seriously. Due to the beautiful weather, I have gotten out my spring candle scents, put away any hopes of a snow day this year, and opened all the windows in the house. And in honor of the first day I can open the windows, I thought I would post about our windows.

Since the day we moved into our house, my husband wanted to replace the windows. I was less ambitious to do this, mostly because of the cost. Our old ones were fine, just old, and not as efficient as he would have liked. Below are a couple of pictures of our ‘before’ windows.

I finally agreed to getting new windows, and we ordered replacements for every window in the house. This is quite expensive, as you can imagine, but we figured we should do them all at once, and be done with it. So we began the process of having windows installed. Much like my sister’s more recent experience, ours went awry. However, after what was supposed to be a one day installation turned into a three week headache, we did eventually get a good final product.

Although I do love the new windows, I am not excited to pursue any more big time construction projects any time soon. For now, only DIY projects for me. With Dawn’s help of course.

– Dania

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