A Little Pinspiration

But first some updates. Sunday night we didn’t sleep. Turns out Vera’s little cold has turned into croup. She’s on the road to recovery though, after a quick trip to the doctor Monday morning, but it’s been a rough couple of days for the kid, and her meds make her cranky.

In other news, Monday night was me and Dania’s Stella & Dot Party and it was so fun! Thank you to all the ladies who were able to make it last night. If you couldn’t make it, but would still like to shop our show, please click here and do it! The link will be good for three weeks.

Anyway, all that business and I missed my Monday post and since I was busy working on a T-shirt design for Dania’s volleyball team last night, here’s a Wednesday post instead. On to the pinspiration!

ONEColorful Chairs – I’m always on the lookout for furniture inspiration, and these chairs are gorgeous!

TWO Cheap Cabinet Update – This is such an easy way to update cabinets! I might have to try to talk the hubs into it for a more modern look.

THREEDesign Geek T – I actually really want this t-shirt. It’s the geek in me.

FOURPink Accent Wall – The colors in here remind me of Vera’s nursery, and I can totally picture this bright pink wall somewhere in the mix. Love the look.

FIVEExterior Contrast– If you’ve been following my pinterest boards, you probably see a fair amount of charcoal gray houses. Can you guess what color I dream of painting our home? Hopefully soon.

SIX Red Wooden Chairs – Here’s a hint at a project I’m working on right now. I LOVE the look of bright red painted wood chairs gathered around a dining table.

SEVEN Storage Reading Nook – What a great idea for a reading nook. Your books are so handy! We have plans for a reading nook in Vera’s big-girl room someday, so this storage bench might have to happen.

EIGHTVintage Print – I love the colors and simplicity with a hint of mystery in this vintage Heini Fischer poster from 1952. Wouldn’t it look great large scale and framed on my wall? I think it would. It makes me want to start collecting old design work for my home.

Hope you’re having a great week!

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