A Little Pinspiration

ONE – Oz Halloween – Since it is the season… this is the best Halloween decor I’ve seen yet. A spooky Wizard of Oz theme.

TWO – Pumpkin BTS Cake – I made this for my office birthday treat and it was gone in two days… between about 8 people. It’s amazing.

THREE – I Like Cats – I do.

FOUR – Landscape path – I think this looks awesome and totally do-able. We’re hoping to get some exterior updates done next spring and summer (although we say that every year) so maybe we’ll have to add this to the list.

FIVE – Leopard and Leather – I am kind of in love with this bag. If anyone knows where I can find it, do tell.

SIX – Fabric Shopping – Sometimes fabric shopping can be a challenge when you only have a few small stores to choose from. Or when a lot of their selection isn’t very modern. This site has a lot of options that you might not find in your local shop.

SEVEN – Cozy Living Room – I pretty much love this whole space.

EIGHT – My Dream House – If I could build a dream home, it would look exactly like this one. Exactly.

Happy Monday! I hope you week is off to a good start!


  • Megan

    Five: Maybe you already know this, but it’s Fossil’s cheetah weekender. They no longer make it, so you’ll have to search secondary market. Good luck!

    • Dawn Sailors

      Thank you! I did find out that it was Fossil, but I also didn’t have any luck finding it anywhere online. I think you’re right. I’ll have to look second hand or try to find something similar. If you happen to see any, keep me posted! :)


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