A Little Pinspiration


Some of my favorite pins lately.

ONE – Makers Gonna Make: Love and want this wall art.

TWO – Trench: I just bought a coat exactly like this on super clearance, after coveting it for years. A classic trench never goes out of style, and I can’t wait until it’s a little warmer so I can actually wear it.

THREE – Laundry Storage: How handy would all this laundry storage be? I’d love a few drawers for rogue socks and pocket change. :)

FOUR – Thrift Shop T: A line from my favorite song right now. And my personal motto, haha.

FIVE – Kantha Suitcases: These beautiful suitcases are an exact match of the quilt in Vera’s room. I love the colors!!

SIX – Pretty House: So lovely. I especially like the corbel details and copper accents.

SEVEN – Nook: I’m obsessed with corner nooks like this, and this particular one is so inviting and cheery. Yeah, I could live there.

EIGHT – Map: I think this watercolor map is so pretty. I kind of want to try to DIY one. Add it to the list…

NINE – Wood wall room: Everything in this room is spot on. I love the mixture of rustic texture with modern gray, and the splashes of bright colors. Gorgeous!

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