A Long Weekend

This has been one of the longest and most stressful weekends I’ve had in a while. It is the first time Vera has ever really been sick, and she gave us a good scare Saturday with a fever and temp of 104.4°. I was shaking as I filled the bathtub with lukewarm water and set her in it to try to cool her down, with every time I’ve read ‘Call your doctor immediately if you child’s temperature reaches 104°’ running through my mind. I simultaneously called our pediatrician’s office, only to get their answering service, who told me they would have someone call me back. So I tried to stay calm while I waited.

It didn’t help the situation that Brett was working all weekend, so I was alone, or that I was technically supposed to be working also, and had both coworkers and clients texting and emailing me asking for status updates. I felt so overwhelmed and scared. V just wasn’t herself. She had been running a fever since Thursday night and it had just been getting worse. She seemed to have no energy and her eyes just looked tired. Plus she wasn’t sleeping more than an hour or two at a time all night the night before.

Finally the nurse called me back and said they could see Vera later that day. The fact that she didn’t sound overly alarmed by the temperature made me feel a little better, but my stomach was still in knots as I got V dressed and dropped her off at a friends so I could run to my office, gather some files, and quickly respond to emails. My friend (thanks again Melissa!!) is a physicians assistant, so I felt like I was leaving her in good hands, even though I was gone for less than an hour.

When we finally got her to the doctor, they diagnosed her with roseola. I am relieved that they found out what’s causing this and that she’ll be ok, but unfortunately, there is no treatment other than to wait it out. So our little girl is still feverish and still just not her normal, bright-eyed, happy self. And that breaks my heart. And Brett is still busy at work (though thankfully he’ll be home tonight). And I am at my office on a Sunday trying to complete this ‘rush project’ before Monday.

Sigh. I’ve never been so anxious for the weekend to be over. Hopefully my stress level will significantly decline tomorrow and I’ll be back with a post that’s more fun and less whiny.



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  • Cherry Pie

    Poor thing! I hope she is feeling better.

    • Dawn

      Thanks, Samantha. She made it through the night last night without waking up for the first time in a few days so hopefully that means she’s feeling a little better.


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