A Perfect Fit

Last weekend I posed this photo on Instagram (and Facebook) of a beautiful mid-century desk I was eying at a thrift shop.

Well, a few people asked me if I bought it, to which I responded that I had implemented my “wait and see” method of thinking about it for a week to avoid making any impulse purchases. After a week, if I’m still smitten and it’s still for sale, it was meant to be.

Weeeeeelllll, guess what I bought home today. :)

That’s right. This beauty is all mine. After measuring the space and the desk, only to find it was a perfect fit, I jumped on it. The best part? The shop owner was only asking $40! AND, after swallowing my anxiety and asking if he’d take $30, we settled on $35. What?! This is a solid wood desk, btw. It’s sturdy and beautifully constructed, with metal drawer rails and dovetail joints. There are a few rough spots, but you know I like a challenge. :)

As for my plans, I’m thinking I won’t go too dramatic with paint or anything crazy on this one. I kind of love her au naturel. She’ll need a good cleaning, sanding and some new stain, but will look like new in no time. In love!!!

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


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