A Weekend in Pictures

This weekend we actually had nowhere to be for the first time in a month, so we took advantage of that and spent a lot of quality time as a family. It was fantastic!

On Saturday, we headed out to the annual Omaha Art Festival with our friends Derek and Hilary (the new Mr. & Mrs). It was so hot, but the atmosphere was very cool (see what I did there?), and we had a fun day exploring all 100 booths of vendors from all over the country. (I should warn upfront that I did not take my camera, so all the following are iPhone pics.)

There was also a lot of other things going on in the same area, like a book sale, live music, and food tents:

Brett loved the food, I loved the art, and Vera loved all the excitement.

We ended that day with a family trip to the mall. We each got one new thing and Vera got to run around in the air conditioning for a while. Side note: Are we the only ones who ‘go for a walk’ at the mall?? I used to work at Victoria’s Secret and I remember old women walking laps in the morning before any of the stores were open for the day. Maybe that’s where our habit stems from, but whatever the reason, we do tend to visit the mall just to get out and walk around. And if we happen to come home with something shiny, that’s just a bonus. :)

The next day was quite a bit more lazy. It was still very hot, so we snuggled inside most of the day:

I did find a little time to start a new furniture project too! This is a piece I’ve been wanting to get to for quite a while, and now that it has been rescued from the basement, I can’t wait to finish it up!! This pic is just the primer stage. Spoiler alert: it is much brighter now! :)

Another fun thing happened this weekend, when I hit my 100th fan on Facebook!! Woohoo! Thanks for the love guys. It means so much to have your support and motivates me to keep making time for this hobby of mine. If you don’t already follow me, you can do so by clicking here.

I hope you had an awesome weekend too. Anyone do anything fun? Any other NE peeps visit the festival?





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