Adventures in Antiquing

Antiquing is one of my favorite ways to spend a lazy morning or afternoon, and I was really looking forward to my Friday off all last week- just waiting to hit up the biggest antique store here in town. This place is practically a warehouse packed full of everything you could imagine. To make it even better, my best friend, Sarah, just happened to have the same day off and drove the half hour up from Lincoln to spend the day with me and Vera.

[box icon=”” style=”rounded” border=”full”][divider_flat]I’ve had a couple people ask, and I should have been more specific! The name of the Antique store we hit up is called The Brass Armadillo. If you’re ever in the area, it’s located near 144th St., the Sap Bro’s exit off of I-80 (look for a big coffee pot water-tower). [/box]

Let’s just say it was an extremely successful day. Here’s a little taste of my finds, my two favorite purchases of the day:

But before we get to the spoils, the trip is half the fun! Naturally we started with a few fun clothing finds.

Then of course we have all the things I loved but were slightly out of my price range:










Those antique ‘educational games’ for kids were very cool, but priced around $150 a piece. Yikes! And someday I’ll have a typewriter like this one, but that day isn’t today.

Somewhere between laughing at old wedding dresses and lusting for old typewriters, I managed to find a few amazing little treasures of my own, starting with these old wooden soda crates:

I also found a gigantic stash of doilies, just perfect for the table runner project I’ve been collecting for. (You can see my first doilie shopping spree here.)

Then I stumbled across this little table (minus the bowl) for just 28 doll hairs that is perfect for my reading room. Or at least it will be when I get finished with it.

By the time we left, my vehicle was packed full (SOME of it was Sarah’s!) and Vera was exhausted, but I was super excited about my finds.



After getting everything home, Vera and Sarah bonded some more, while I basked in the goodness of my successful trip.

Very successful day indeed. I couldn’t be happier. Well, maybe if I had that typewriter I would be a smidge happier, but that would just be greedy. :)

Have any recent thrift or antique finds that you’re crazy about? I’d love to hear!



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