An Announcement & Weekend Recap

First the weekend! I spent the past weekend in Denver with some of my best girl friends. We made the 8 hour drive (and one of us flew in from Texas) to see my favorite musician, Brandi Carlile, but we had ulterior motives of a girl’s getaway as well. I’ll be back later with a concert post, because it was far too awesome to not get its own post (SO AWESOME!), but for now, here’s a little weekend-in-pictures type recap for you of the rest of our trip.


Dania looking very chipper on our 8 hour road trip.

Diner breakfast

Road fuel

View from our room.

Our hotel had a giant connect four game. We played.

Swanky bathroom!

Relaxing in the room.

Love a good slider!

Dania entertained the public at the 16th St Mall.

Lacey resting during a long day of shopping.

Time to celebrate!

Our petty cab ride home with out awesome driver, Reed.

Yes, our girls weekend was quite fun. I partied like a rock star. There may have been dancing. On tables.

And now for the announcement. You may have noticed that today is Tuesday. Which would usually mean it’s Twin Tuesday and you would be reading either a post from my twin sister, Dania, or reading a feature on an adorable set of twins. However, managing TT has become somewhat more of a source of stress for myself than I ever intended, so I’ve decided to scale it back a bit. There comes a time when you have to realize your limits, and for me, that time is now.

Dania will still be here every other week with her insights into the mysteries of life, however, our featured twins may be a bit more sparse. As in, when I have an awesome feature you’ll get to meet them, and when I don’t, you wont. As in, I will no longer stress like a crazy person on Monday night when I haven’t heard back from my planned feature for the week.

So that’s that. Twin Tuesday will not be disappearing completely, but with everything else that’s demanding my attention right now, it has become too much to continue to find and feature twins so regularly.

That being said, I love all the twins and twin moms I’ve met and can’t imagine not continuing to feature them when I can, so if you or someone you know would be interested in being featured on Designing Dawn as part of our Twin Tuesday highlights, email me a photo or two that you don’t mind sharing on the interweb and I’ll email you a little questionnaire pertaining to twindome.

Ok, well that’s it. I hope you all had an amazing weekend too! How is it Tuesday already?? I’m still exhausted.


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