And the kitchen sink…

Installing our kitchen sink as been on my list of projects to finish for quite a while and this past week we finally could cross it off!! Yippee!!

I literally came home from work to find this done (which explains the lack of ‘in progress’ pictures), and I have to say a HUGE thank you to my father-in-law for all his help with this. I’m pretty sure half the projects around here would be impossible without him. (And of course to my mother-in-law for her babysitting skills that allow the men to do their thing while I’m at work.)

So here it is! Our brand new sink.

In case you forgot, this is what it looked like before:

And a comparison just for redundant emphasis:

I am so so so (so) happy to have a new sink and faucet. I love how deep the sink is. No more water spraying all over everything when we try to wash anything bigger than a plate. And I love that the faucet (that beautiful faucet) is tall enough to get a cookie sheet under and pulls out to an actual working spray nozzle. If you’ve ever lived without one you feel my pain. It’s practically Medieval.

But probably my absolute favorite part of this sink project is the price tag. Total cost: about 30 doll hairs. Unbelievable, but I wouldn’t lie. We got the sink free from a guy we know who sells construction and supplies. I believe it came out of a medical facility, which is why it’s so beautifully deep. It had been sitting in his garage for months, and he was happy to let us take it off his hands. Score!

Then there was the amazing faucet which we got from Costco. We were looking at it one day while shopping with Brett’s grandmother and daydreaming about owning it when she surprised us by insisting on buying it for us as a Christmas gift. (Yes, we’ve had it that long. Slowly but surely.)

So that left us to buy the new plumbing, supplies and some traps, which was fairly inexpensive. And with Brett and his dad supplying free labor, we made out like bandits on this project. Yippee again!

The only expense left is to buy and install a new garbage disposal, as we discovered that the one we took out was in pretty bad shape. I think we’re going to leave that to the professionals though. Working with water and electricity together always makes me a little nervous. We also still want to tear out and replace the cabinet base under the sink, as years of previous leaks have left it looking warped and smelling moldy. So until we do that, my cleaning supplies are still on display in a plastic bin in the dining room. But hopefully soon they will have a new permanent home under the new sink!

I think my next kitchen job will have to be to paint the trim around the window. That’s going to get under my skin until it’s done, but once it is it will be the final touch to frame out that shiny new sink and faucet!

Have you ever tackled a pluming project DIY? How’d it go?



  • Hazel-Jade Dakota

    Hi just wondering – do u have a blog of the progress of staining/ painting your cabinets? If u do I can’t seem to find it. Can you send me the link please? Thanks. I’m thinking of staining mine ( watched some gel staining on youtube), but still a lil scared. Anyway nice work on ur house!

    • Dawn Sailors

      Hi there! Thank you so much. I actually did this project before I started blogging, so unfortunately don’t have a step by step. The cabinets are painted with Valspar Brown Velvet (1011-10). I didn’t do a ton of prep work (just sanding), because they were in such bad shape to start with, but the paint has held up pretty well over the past four years. Hope that helps! ;)


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