Another busy weekend

Man, I feel like melting into bed right now. But naturally, I’m playing on the computer instead. :) At the end of this weekend, I kind of feel like I got a lot and not very much accomplished all at the same time. I fully intend to expand on most of these things later, but here’s our ‘weekend in pictures’ for you for now:

Some painting and new blinds.

A little spring-time yard cleanup.

Family outdoor fun.

Testing out a new look.

Another new look.

My brother's b-day!

And there you have it. I’m also finishing up some awesome wedding invitations I’ve been working on, so hoping to have finished photos of those very soon! Busy weekend but productive. The only problem is that pretty much all those fun house projects above are only half finished right now. Well, and least it’s staying light so late these days that I can maybe get a few things wrapped up before it’s the weekend again. Here’s hoping!




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  • Stephanie

    So I was wondering why you haven’t posted in a while and went through my blog list to see what’s up, but then I realized you were not on my list anymore! I don’t know what happened!!! Anyway, I had to google your blog, and now I don’t know how to resubsribe to you! Love the pictures as always!

    • Dawn Sailors

      Ahhh! Sorry about that. Google took away friend connect for any blog that doesn’t use blogger, so if you were subscribed that way I lost you. You can resubscribe by clicking the little rss icon in the sidebar (the one that kinda looks like three lines in a triangle) or by entering your email in the box on the sidebar. I should really do a post to update people on that! Darn you google!! Thanks for letting me know!


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