Around the House: Bathroom Shelving

When we started on this guest bath remodel, the bathroom had this lovely storage unit hanging above the toilet:

It’s a pretty common item in a bathroom, but I’ve never been a big fan. I didn’t like how bulky and boxy it was, or how nothing in the room extended past an imaginary line half way up the wall. So I took it out. But we still needed some storage in here. So instead, I found these lightweight floating shelves at Lowes for $17 a piece.

I grabbed three of them. FYI- it’s an old design trick that things usually look better in groups of odd numbers, so if you’re deciding between three and four, go with three.

I wasn’t sold on the white color they came in, and wanted to bring some of the darkness from the floor and vanity up higher in the room. So of course I spray pained the shelves. Are we even surprised at this point? :) I used oil rubbed bronze by Rustoleum. It covers great and only took one coat. Lovely!

To hang them, I just mounted the hardware according to the instructions:

The shelves slide right onto the metal bars, then you just screw them in place.

I am so much happier with the open shelving and I love the dark color. It gives the room some much needed architecture that extends up the wall. I have a painting for that top shelf that will take color up even higher in the room too. (Lofted rooms can be so tricky to decorate!) I can’t wait to get to the fun part of accessorizing our new storage shelves!!


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