Around the House: Bringing in the Blues

Spring always sneaks up on me and steals my pocket book right out of my purse. Ok, that might be an exaggerated personification of a season, but seriously, someone needs to stop me from buying all the things. It’s just so rewarding to shake out all the winter dust and freshen up the place with a few new decorations!

In the master bedroom, I’ve been doing just that by bringing a new color into the mix. That’s right, our previously purple, yellow and gray room now has a little kick of blue for good measure.

blue in master-1

I picked up these lamps and shades on clearance at Target. I love how the wooden bases bring a natural element into the room and the shades provide a bright pop of yellow and blue. Plus they’re just the right size. And then the throw and throw pillow were only $7 a piece! So really I had to buy them. I’ve brought a little more greenery in here lately too, to give it some life, and I have my eye on some new bedding on sale at West Elm. We shall see if I can restrain myself. (Spoiler alert: I can’t.) Wouldn’t a bright new duvet cover just make the room? Something in a bold print perhaps?? :) Well, the one I am lusting over is on back order until June, so either way, I’ll have to wait a while.. and so will you. Sorryboutthat.

Speaking of the bed, I have some plans to change that up too. I’m thinking something warm and brassy… as soon as it’s warm enough and dry enough to get my spray paint on.

blue in master-2

Oh, also, you can clearly see my bright yellow night stand in these pics. What you can’t see is it’s brother over by Brett’s side of the bed- which is not yet yellow. This was an experiment I started last summer and never completely finished (story of my life) which is why you’ve never seen it before. Now that it’s warm again, though, I’ll have to get it in gear and turn these brothers into twins again. I’m not completely in love with the shape, so I’m not sure how long they’ll live here, but we really needed something and I do love the size and extra storage they provide (especially for the $15 I spent on them at Goodwill!). So they’ll hang out for a while until I find something I can afford that has the clean lines I dream of.

One reason I decided to bring some blue in here is that we are starting to think about starting on our master bathroom now that the guest bathroom is finally done. Nothing concrete yet, but the thought of a purple bedroom leading into a purple bathroom was a little too much purple overload for me. So adding a few more colors into the palette gives me more options down the line. And I have lots of ideas. Some very long term and some that will happen much sooner. Just as soon as I get the energy up to dive in, that is.

Soooo… that’s where the bedroom is at. It feels so springy and fresh!



  • Dawn Sailors

    Thanks Sandy! I have been trying to think of ways to streamline them a little more too. I have a few ideas, but they would all involve a lot of tearing apart, so I’m trying to decide if it’s doable/worth it. Haha, we will see. I do like the idea of adding new feet. That would really change the look!


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