Around the House: Cup Hooks

On Tuesday, I was home with a still sick baby, so while she was napping, I had a little window of free time that was just long enough for a quick project that I’ve been wanting to tackle around here.

I used to have a mug-tree (is that the technical term?) that all our coffee mugs hung on (you can see it in the terribly grainy picture below- sorry). But I’ve been itching for a change for a while now.

My problem with it was that we rarely use mugs (Brett’s not a coffee drinker, and I usually only have one cup at the office), so having eight of them out in our kitchen meant that they just collect dust. Besides that, they were separated from the other dishes that are on display on our open shelving. The solution I had in mind was to hang just a few mugs from the open shelving. For reference, here is what the area looked like when we moved in:

Pretty standard builder grade and not awesome by any means. When I painted all the cabinets, we decided to install open shelving in this area (FYI- we reused that cabinet in our basement storage room). The open shelving looks like this:

So on Tuesday, to get out of the house for at least a few minutes, me and V ran to Lowes and picked up four cup hooks (yeah that is actually what the are called- although I’ve also seen them labeled as hook screws) to the tune of about $2.00.

This was such a cheap and simple project. I just measured out even spacing for four hooks and marked the bottom of the shelf where each would hang with a silver sharpie.

Then I screwed them in by hand.

And hung up my mugs!

Presto-chango. For two bucks and 15 minutes of what barely classifies as work, I love the way it looks! It fills the space so nicely and gives it a finished, uniform, and custom look. Isn’t it funny how sometimes a small project can make you so happy? And at least I didn’t feel like I wasted a whole day at home. Because you know if I have free time I have to be working on one project or another, lol.

What do you think? I keep grinning at my hanging mugs. I might even walk on the wild side, take one down and use it this weekend. Anyone tackling and 15-min makeovers lately?



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  • Christine

    perfect idea! thank you! searching for something but didn’t want to clutter the counter with mug stand – on my list now!

  • Stephcrowley

    So easy, and looks good! I love the open shelving, but think the dishes blend in with the wall color to much, but just my opinion (and I’m not good at design, ha) I hope she is feeling better soon!

    • Dawn Sailors

      Thanks! I would agree the dish color is pretty close to the wall, but for now buying all new dishes isn’t too realistic. (dang!) Maybe I’ll have to look around for some inexpensive colorful chargers to brighten it up a little! :)

  • melissa

    i have always loved hanging mugs! looks good and so easy!


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