Around the House: Deck the Halls!

Sorry for the silence last Friday. It was my day off, so you’d think I’d have all the time in the world to get a blog post up. But, alas, I forced myself to do laundry before anything fun. I hate laundry, and it took all weekend. On the plus side, we finally have clothes (put away even) to wear and I found a few things I forgot I owned! :)

I did find some time last week to get all my Christmas decorations out too (when my fingers needed a break from folding) and I though I’d share our Christmas mantle with you today. Here it is!


We have a tree in the front room too. I’ll get some photos of that up next week. And yep, we still have the fake fireplace heater going strong. Maybe next year we’ll actually get our real fireplace fixed and running. That would be wonderful. But for now, I’m trying to think of it as two mantles to decorate… It’s kind of working.

Happy Monday!



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