Around the House: Inching forward with Guest Bathroom Progress

Well, we didn’t make quite as much progress as I had hoped this weekend (still didn’t get that one spot painted…), but we did get a few things accomplished in our slowly evolving guest bathroom. (Read this, this, and this if you’d like to catch up.)

From the doorway, the room still pretty much looks like it has since we painted:

Far from ready for show. But, over the weekend, I managed to finally get some new towel bars hung up. Yep, bars plural. Two of them stacked vertically, since we have the ceiling height. Our old bar was just one regular longer sized one, but it always annoyed me. Not only did any towel hung on it cover part of the light switch, but with such high ceilings, it looked so small in there. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE the new bars. See for yourself:

I love the the visual height it adds. It looks so much more luxurious to me. Like a fancy hotel right here in my house. The bars are much narrower than the old one (these are 18in. the old one was 24in.), and they fit the space so much better. Love.

I also managed to get the majority of my wall mural done this weekend. Nope that’s not paint. I actually ordered some sweet wall graphics and they look awesome in here, if I do say so myself. (full source post will come at the end of this project fyi, so patience with me please)

This is one of my favorite tricks for decorating large walls and we have vinyl murals like these in our living room and up the stairway too. Vinyl graphics are unique and beautiful and can fill a large empty space very nicely. Plus the vinyl should resist the humidity of the bathroom, which is a plus. I wouldn’t put them in direct contact with water, but for across the room, they will hopefully hold up well.

But the most exciting bathroom news is that the big step is coming up! We’re having the bathroom measured for tile install on Tuesday! Yippee! The tile boys (or ladies) will be here in two days to take precise measurements and order all the supplies they need for the job. I can’t wait.

We’re making progress folks! So exciting. Keep watching for another update as soon as there’s more to report!


  • Karen

    Love the vinyl wall graphics. I’ve looked around your website to find the source but couldn’t find it. Can you please tell me where to find such unique and beautiful graphics?


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