Around the House: Kitchen Artwork Additions

A lot of inspiration pictures filled with beautiful kitchen artwork have been finding their way to my Pinterest boards lately. We don’t have much extra space in our little kitchen, but I’ve been dreaming of pretty framed pictures and finally managed to find a couple empty spots to fill up! :)

The first new piece of artwork is actually from Target. I saw it and fell in love immediately. If you haven’t been recently, Target has a new summer line of typography-inspired home decor that is just beautiful.

Of course my first thought whenever I see artwork I like is “I could make that myself”. Which is why there is barely any purchased artwork in our home. But then I rarely actually go make it. So this time, I decided that for $15, the cost of supplies to make this piece would be more than just buying it outright. Plus this one has such a lovely handmade look to it. See that gorgeous texture??

It is pretty small and fits just perfectly on the tiny angled wall next to our open shelving. Plus the pop of red lends itself nicely to my goal to bring more of that color into our living space.

Now the second piece is really my favorite, probably because it is the one I actually did make myself (they always mean more!).

I’m not usually one for the language, but I do have an overriding sense of humor that drove me to whip up this little beauty- and I think it’s just the right amount of clever without being offensive. Rhymes are never offensive, right? :) This actually stemmed from a work encounter, when I cleaned the office kitchen and then wrote a sunny little whiteboard note that said “A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen!” Some wise-guy decided to replace “happy” with “bitchin” and it had such a nice ring to it that I was inspired to make it into a poster. So there you go.

This one is filling up the blank wall next to our pantry. Looking at it hung up though, I’m actually thinking I’ll need to add a second frame to get the balance I really want in that space. Luckily, I think I know just what I’ll make to fill the second frame. Stay tuned! (Oh and please ignore the lack of baseboards. That has been a problem around here since way back when. Maybe this summer, hub??)

So what do you think of artwork in a kitchen? I love that it’s just a little unconventional, but it adds so much brightness!




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