Around the house: Moving tables

While trying to make room for our newly acquired but yet to be painted china cabinet, I had to move a few things around.

This couch table used to live in the reading room (which I can’t find a picture of for the life of me), until we got our vintage record player radio.

(Disregard the  snowflake and Christmas tree limbs in the corner. This is a recycled photo. We absolutely do not still have a tree up!) Then it was banished relocated to the basement. But now it has a new home again, bridging the space between our living room and kitchen.

And I quite like it there! I was afraid the space might look too crowded, but it fits really nicely. Plus it’s been such a nice change to actually have a space to set my purse, mail, etc on when I come in the door. You know, instead of on the floor like usual.

To make room for this guy, I relocated the newly red cafe table to beside the couch.


Which has also been a nice change and a much needed spot of color I the room. Speaking of which, I finally got the living room clean for long enough to snap photos (the hub was out of town for a few days so I could actually keep this place clean… Not saying he’s messy, but well, yeah ok, that is actually exactly what I’m saying…) so look for a room reveal later this week! Yay!

Anyway, I once again love how just moving around what you already own can totally change a space. No purchase necessary.

Anyone else making their husband carry heavy things up and down stairs lately?? :)



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