Around the House: New Window Reveal

It’s Tuesday! Which usually would mean an adorable set of twins for us to read all about. Today, however, the twins I had lined up didn’t quite work out, so we’ll have to wait on that. Maybe next time. (It can be tough finding time to answer questions when you have multiple kids running around!) Soooo….. instead of that, I thought I’d update you all on our window project.

This actually has been complete for a few months now, but I’ve never gotten around to posting final pics of it. Today seemed like a good opportunity to do that. A while ago, I gave a couple brief updates on our new window progress (mentioned here, here and here). It was a rough process that dragged out way longer than we expected. When last we left off, we had some painting to do and we purchased new blinds for both new windows. The old blinds from Vera’s room were cut down (for free at Lowes) and re-purposed in the guest room, which is an awesome addition that I’m sure our guests appreciate:

And here are the two new front windows from the outside. We’re working on a plan to finish up the detail work around the windows- hopefully this fall. It’s a little complicated (read expensive) because there is a lot of wood rot around that window that needs replacing. Oh and this is an old photo from before anything was green. I’m recycling!:

And finally, from the inside:

I’m not sure if you can really see much from these indoor shots, as they’re a little blown out, but I am very happy with how the windows turned out. I absolutely love having Vera’s window seat back. (You can read how we lost it in the first place here.) I plan to make a few pillows for it out of leftover fabric from her rocking chair. Just as soon as I get my office put together and my sewing machine set up. You know how that goes. You have to finish this before you can finish that, and you have to finish that other thing before either of those two. It’s a never-ending cycle. But it keeps us busy and entertained. :)

Hope you had a great Tuesday!



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