Around the House: Some new things

Some new fun things around here! I’m sure there will be full posts on most of these at some point in the future, but I get so excited, I had to share what we’re working on. You know, in addition to the guest bathroom and everything else on the list.


Moravian Lighting
The first is something I’ve been daydreaming of for months. Ever since I first wrote about it here, I haven’t been able to get this Moravian star pendant off my mind. Recently, I found the perfect one for over our sink on Amazon, AND I happened to have a leftover Amazon gift card balance just waiting to be spent. This beauty arrived and is exactly as gorgeous as I had dreamed it would be. Now we just need to talk our electrician friend into finding time to help us with the install.

Nightstand Upgrade
We used to have a couple of pretty little mirrored nightstands in our master bedroom (you can see pics on my home tour page), but the small size and lack of storage has always bothered me. When I saw a couple diamond-in-the-rough night stands at Goodwill last month for $14 a piece, I grabbed them fast! I plan to paint them both a golden yellow, update the hardware, and lose the top drawer (with that less than lovely decorative flourish) for the cleaner look of a storage basket. It’s in the works.


Welcome Home
I’ve never been much of a wreath person (although lately I’ve been seeing so many awesome felt wreaths on Etsy and Pinterest that I may have to reconsider), but I loved the simple vintage typographic look of this welcome sign I spotted for $8 at Garden Ridge the other day, so I brought it home. For less than $10, I love the focus it adds to the front door, and the fact that it is a little different from every other door on our block.

Tiny Seating
We spent the first half of this weekend in my home town helping my dad with his part of a town-wide garage sale. I’ve mentioned before that he’s moving out of his house, and that is slowly coming to a close. It was a little sad for me to walk through the nearly-empty house another time. It reminded me of the first time I walked through it, when my parents bought it. I was 16 then, and I remember being excited to get my own bedroom for the first time in my life. But back on track, while we were there, my dad gave me these two tiny chairs he’d been saving. I love them and plan to paint them bright colors for a future play area for Beast. Aren’t they adorable? What color(s) should they be??

Another Project
Finally, while we were working at the garage sale this weekend, I of course couldn’t resist taking a peek at the other sales around town (it was town-wide, remember), and holy smokes was it worth it. I scored this amazing cabinet for $10. I wish I could have taken more things home with us, but it’s a two hour drive and we only had so much room in the car. As it was, I’m thrilled with this piece. I really have no place for it in our house, so I plan to spiff it up and sell it. Just for fun. So stay tuned for an update on that, and if you’re in the Omaha area and looking for a pretty new storage display cabinet, make sure to follow me on Facebook for updates on this one (even if you don’t live close, you should follow me just because!!). I think it will be gorgeous!

Happy Sunday!




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  • Stephanie C

    One pink and one bright yellow (for the chairs) or teal-ish. IDK, I just love pink. haha. I LOVE the star lighting, I can’t wait to see all the finished products. 

    • Dawn Sailors

      Thanks Stephanie! I like pink too, but I’m always leery of painting things pink, thinking “what if I have a boy next??” Haha. I know, I could always repaint it… We’ll see!


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