Around the House: Tall Dark & Handsome

Despite what you might think from the title, this post is not, in fact about the hub. Although he is very tall and handsome. :) The other handsome in my life right now is our new gym locker! Eeeee!! This was the item that I made a special run for (mentioned here) when my friend, Jamie, text me from a garage sale (I was literally there 10 min after getting the text, I was so excited!). Here he is in all his glory:

I scored it for 20 doll hairs (the lady I bought it from paid 50) and I couldn’t be happier. And it. is. huge! Taller than Brett, huge. Now that’s big. (that’s what she said?) I’m still deciding on a firm plan for this baby. Obviously its current location isn’t ideal since those shelves prevent us from actually opening it. But I’m thinking of maybe just moving the shelves… And as for as how the finished product will look, part of me loves the unexpected look of painted lockers like these (maybe in a bright yellow?):


But I also kind of dig the authentic vintage look of it right now. Like these:


What’s your favorite?? I need help deciding… We will see where we end up, but either way, Brett will have a new place to store his coaching gear, gym shoes, basketballs, etc., that is not in the middle of the living room floor.

Besides that handsome guy, I’ve admittedly been going a little crazy in the shopping department lately. Granted, most of my purchases come from thrift stores, garage sales and the like, but it still adds up. I can’t help it. There’s just something about the seasons changing that makes me want to change things up too. Both in the house and in my closet. So I thought I’d do a quick little recap of some of the things I’ve snagged in the past few weeks.

I’ve already talked about my antiquing trip, my fall boots, and my new bag. But here are a few other things I’ve grabbed recently:

Baby clothes:
This one comes first because I have been going totally overboard in this department. I just can’t help myself! Not only did we have family photos recently (which naturally required at least 4 baby outfits as options and backups) but I also recently went to a gigantic consignment sale where we picked up several new outfits for V-child among other things. And all this is on top of the disorder I suffer from that requires me to buy baby clothes whenever I enter Target. Or Baby Gap. Or any store that sells baby clothes.

Here are a few photos of the consignment sale, so perhaps you’ll understand why it was so hard to say no.

And here’s a large pile of Beast’s laundry that I can’t seem to catch up on. I really should be sorting, folding and putting this away right now instead of typing.

Well, maybe I’ll get to that later this week now that I’m finally finished with my counter project so we actually have our kitchen and a little sanity back. But I digress…

Baby gear:
I’ve already mentioned my philosophy on buying kids toys, and told you about a few recent toys and necessities we’ve picked up. After debating for a while on what type of high chair to get, we opted for a smaller seat instead. Our reasons were mainly practical. The smaller seat is less expensive, obviously, but it also works better with our setup. It lets us feed her at the counter, where we eat a lot, or in the dining room, or even on the living room floor… um, is that weird? It will also last longer, since it converts to a booster seat that attaches to a dining chair for when she’s a little older. I guess my dreams of beautifully crafted baby furniture will just remain dreams for now.

At the same time we got the high chair, we also picked up this walker (which I talked about here). We wanted something to help get our girl moving and strengthen those little leg muscles. We debated between the walker and a bouncer (she LOVED her bouncer at daycare), but ultimately decided on the walker because she got to use a bouncer everyday at daycare already.

Of course right after buying the walker, we happened on this bouncer at the same consignment sale mentioned above, and couldn’t pass up the deal we got on it.

I feel like it is complete overkill to have both the bouncer and the walker, and kind of wish we would just have gone with the bouncer in the first place. She could spend hours in that thing and will laugh the whole time. It’s her favorite thing ever (just watch the video here if you don’t believe me). Oh well, hind-sight is 20-20.

Third Bookshelf:
I realized a few weeks ago that I had a couple of unused gift cards to that had been sitting in my email inbox for months. So naturally I spent them immediately. I finally ordered that third bookshelf I’d been wanting to balance out our reading room and get rid of the overwhelming ‘pairs’ going on in there. Love it and that I now have room to display some of those antiques I just bought!

Random Project Supplies:
I tend to forget about this one until the hub kindly reminds me, lol. It is easy to not think of supplies as new purchases, especially if the projects aren’t finished. Seriously though, I’ve spent a pretty penny in the past few weeks buying fabric, paint, brushes, sealers, etc for some projects I’m working on and planning for the future. Maybe now I can channel all this buying energy into some creating energy. As much as I live for my projects, it’s just so much easier to have the instant gratification of not having to DIY sometimes!

Ok, I think that’s it. More than enough, clearly.

Anyone else been going shopping crazy for fall? I must stop. MUST STOP.



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