Around the House: House Introduction

Since we moved into our first home last October, we have had more “projects” than we’ve known what to do with. We knew right away that this was the house for us, even surprising our Realtor by declining to tour any of the other properties he had picked out for us. But I think from the state (and smell) of it when we bought it, some of our close friends and family might have questioned our decision-making skills.

I fully intend on giving you the full tour and room by room update, as well as our first-time-homebuyer’s nightmare story, but first I thought I’d start off with some photos of the S-house when we bought it. Trust me, you CANNOT appreciate the after’s until you see the before’s (I only wish you all could smell through your screen).

We bought our house on a short sale, which I will go into detail about at a later date, but let’s just say it wasn’t in the best shape, as you can tell from the overgrown bushes and trees out front.

This lovely red room is the dining room. Appetizing, no? Who wouldn’t want a ceiling fan on high while they eat?

Bright side: that’s a gas stove! Unfortunately it was from the early 90’s and there was no microwave in site.

This is the family room. I fell in love with the fireplace and bookshelves, not to mention the huge windows in this room. So much potential! Now to get rid of the sea-foam green walls…

This is pretty much what we encountered in all four bedrooms. Let’s just say the interior design skills of the people who used to live here were not quite in line with my taste. That may look like pink paint up top, but don’t be fooled. We were dealing with floor to ceiling wallpaper here, people.

Master bathroom here. I was ecstatic about the jetted tub, separate shower and large space. Not so in love with builder grade mirrors, floral wallpaper, gold Hollywood lights or maroon laminate counter-tops…

So there you have it- just a few quick shots of what we signed up for 7 months ago. I know it doesn’t look like much yet, but stay tuned for my room by room updates, ongoing projects, and ideas to come!


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