Around the House: Yet Another Bedroom Refresh

So not that long ago, I was itching to refresh our master bedroom. And I did, by bringing in a new color scheme in the form of accents. But I was still itchy… you know me. It’s just that the bedroom has been lacking that vibrant energy that makes me feel happy and at home.

Which is why on my day off work a week ago, I told myself I would finish some old projects and fold laundry, but instead of those things, I spontaneously decided to update the bedroom again. This time a little more dramatically. So what used to look like this:


And then this:

blue in master-1

Now looks more like this:


Not only did I do some heavy lifting, but yes, that is a new duvet cover you spy. I ordered it from West Elm way back in May, but it was on back-order and just finally arrived in early July. It has a nice distressed chevron that ventures into ikat as well. I dig it.



I figured after four years in this house, it was time to try a new arrangement in here, and I have to say, I wish we’d done it sooner. Because the room is wider this way, you don’t run into the foot of the bed right when you come in the door. The extra walking space makes it feel so much more open, and I love having easier access to the windows which are no longer hidden behind the nightstands.


I have a few more plans for this space, of course. I am still toying with what to do with our nightstands (speaking of) to modernize them a bit… now thinking maybe yellow is a little too much with the new graphic bedspread and all the other things going on in here- but I do like color. Maybe a soft aqua blue taken from the lamp shades?? Time will tell. I’m also debating a change with the shelving next to the window. I’m not so sure it works as well in this arrangement, so we’ll see what happens there too. Oh and there’s always that little matter of finishing the paint job on our dressers. I have a plan now for what I want the detail work to look like… AND I’m thinking about switching out this curvy bed frame for the more clean lined one in the guest room. Possibly sprayed a shiny brass?? Oh then there’s the ceiling fan.. ick… and the trim to paint. My mind never stops turning.

Happy almost weekend!


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