Arround the House: Bedroom Arranging

Growing up, I’d randomly come home to find furniture rearranged in rooms of our house. And it always felt like a fun surprise! My mom would get bored with things and move them around without notifying anyone. I guess I inherited some of her genetics, because rearranging a room still gets me excited, and when I get bored, I start dreaming up new ways to position different rooms in the house.

Last week, I went a little crazy and decided to rearrange two of the bedrooms in our house and surprise Brett. He didn’t seem to get quite the same satisfaction out of it that I remember getting as a kid (…men), but he did say it was a nice change, so I’ll take it.

Here is our guest room before:


and after my little overhaul:



I also moved the small mirrored side tables from our master bedroom into here a while ago. They fit much better in the space and give it a more finished look.

And the bigger job (because this room was our catch-all junk room), we call this Lu’s room (because this is where he sleeps and we keep his litter). Here’s Lu’s room before (sorry for the terribly out of focus shot… oh and the mess- this room always seems to turn into a dumping ground for laundry and project remnants.)


and again after the organization/rearranging fest:



I even cleaned out, moved and reorganized the whole bookshelf. I told you it was a big job. I still have some work to do in here though. For example, please don’t open the closet. Also, I’m planning to bring my giant vintage locker up here for a little extra craft/art supply storage and to make room for future dining-room projects I have up my sleeve. The hub isn’t particularly fond of the locker anyway, so he’ll probably be happy to move it to a less seen spot in the house. Except for the part where he has to carry it up the stairs. Hehe.

Really overall, I kind of think of both of these rooms as temporary. So they get a bit neglected in the pretty-design department. The plan is eventually to move everything around to make room for more kiddos (eventually), so I can’t bring myself to spend a lot of time or money sprucing them up now. Actually most everything in these rooms is carry over from my bachelorette days. Reuse what you’ve got, right? But someday we’ll get around to tackling both rooms for the real deal. Someday. For now, I’m happy with a little change and a lot of organizing.

So that’s it. Do you also love the way your house feels after moving some things around? I think it’s one of the best ways to make it seem new without spending any $$ at all. Win win.


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  • Brenda

    What is your wall color. I really like the room


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