As Seen In: Design Sponge (Plus some random updates)

I was pleasantly surprised today when I ran across this image on Design Sponge:

Because… that little #2 nail polish bottle in the middle is sporting the logo I designed for Megan Miller Collection (you can buy them at Anthropologie if you’re so inclined). The DS post was about beautiful package design and I couldn’t agree more. Great packaging can really elevate a product from ho-hum to amazeballs and separate you from the competition. Sadly, I can’t really claim any credit for the Megan Miller packaging other than a consultation in the form of “What do you think about our awesome packaging?”. In other words, it was all Megan! But I did do their original website (although I see it’s been revamped since then) and most of the original product photography. It’s awesome to see how far they’ve come and to say I knew them when.

In other news, if you follow me on Twitter, perhaps you noticed my big day tweet yesterday? We had new windows installed in the front of our house!! Well, not all new windows. Just two in the front two bedrooms. I’ll be writing a full post on it sometime next week, but for now let’s just say that things didn’t go quite as planned, so they’ll be coming back to do a little more work on Monday. But I’m still super excited about it and the windows are beautiful! Hopefully soon, all will be fixed and good as new. Unfortunately it won’t be before Vera’s party on Saturday, but luckily, the disorder is contained to the second floor, so it shouldn’t really get in the way. Now I just have to get everything pulled together for that little shindig! It seems too soon!!



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