As Seen In: Surprise!

Occasionally I am surprised to stumble across websites and blogs that are featuring Vera’s nursery. I think most bloggers, myself included, prefer a friendly request first, but I usually don’t mind being surprised either. As long as they are giving image/source credit back to my blog- which at least allows me the opportunity to find out about it, you know… so I can brag about it here.:) Anyway, this week, I noticed incoming links from three websites with V’s nursery on them, so I thought I’d share!

Thanks for the nod guys! (At least I assume it’s a positive feature. Being that two of them are in foreign languages, I guess they could be using it as an example of what not to do for all I know. My computer translator seems to give a positive spin though, so I’ll go with that…) Always seems crazy to see my work on another site. Especially in another language. How strange, but exciting to know that people actually like it! I’m so flattered. :)

On a completely unrelated note, Top Baby Blogs has reset the voting. If you have a second and two clicks to spare, vote for me! I’d love you forever!!

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Have a great day!

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