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Designing Dawn

Last week I took some time to make a few updates to the site, so this week I just wanted to give a quick update on the updates.

New Stuff:
You may have noticed a few new things, like the obvious design updates. There are a few not so obvious too, like that shiny new Facebook button off to the left of your screen. Yep, I now have a FB page, so if you have time to click over and like me (you really like me!), I’d love you forever.

I’ve also added another little button to the sidebar for Top Baby Blog voting. If you can spare a click and vote for me that would be the coolest. Thanks!!

Still working on some things:
I’m still working on more functional navigation and will be making a few other subtle updates here and there. I guess my blog is a lot like my house… A constant work in progress.

Speaking of my house, I’m also working on another new addition, our home tour page. Hopefully coming sometime before Monday. (But no promises.)

Have a great weekend!!


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