Blog Update

Please bear with me over the next few days as I spend some time this weekend working on updates to the blog. I’ve been working on learning more about the WordPress platform and have some things that I want to experiment with. Since professional exploration and growth were both on my list of reasons for starting this site, I occasionally like to take some time out to visit the backend coding and play with the design. Unfortunately that also sometimes means I break things. So if you see something not working correctly, rest assured that not only do I know about it, but I’m likely the one who caused it and will be working to fix it. :)

As for what updates I’m making, I’ll be working behind the scenes to tighten up some functionality, but the main update is a slight design refresh that might happen slowly over a few days, hopefully not longer. I’ve been designing for clients for over four years now and in that time I’ve done work for restaurants, technology companies, real-estate agencies, insurance companies, medical companies, musicians, city organizations, non profit groups, retail stores, and a whole slew of other clients big and small. By far the hardest client to design for, however, is myself. Nothing’s ever good enough and nothing’s ever finished. Sigh. I’m sure other designers feel the same way. Frustrating but keeps me moving at least.

Anyone else find that something you do easily for others is much harder to do for yourself??



  • Ashley @ Design Build Love

    it’s always easier to do things for others versus doing things for yourself!  Good luck with the changes!  I am new to blogging and web design and have been trying to learn and do as much as possible on my own… it’s fun and challenging!

    • Dawn Sailors

      I agree. And good luck to you too! Its such a fun creative outlet.


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