Brandi Carlile: Take 4, Redrocks

If you’ve been reading for a while, maybe you already know that Brandi Carlile is my favorite musician. Here is a post all about the last time I saw her in concert. This past weekend, some girl friends and I drove out to the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado to see her again. (First half of the trip here.) It was an eight-hour drive, but we’re dedicated fans.

This makes the fourth time I’ve seen her in concert and it was by far the best. Brett pointed out that I say that every time, but this time I really mean it. Red Rocks is an amazing venue that I’ve never been to before, but while waiting between sets, I learned a lot about it from the facts flashing across the big screen. Like that everyone from the Beatles to Johnny Cash has played there. And that it holds close to 9,500 people.

This was my first time there, and it was also Brandi’s first time headlining there. She made it clear that she was very excited and it showed!

Most of these photos are from my friends’ phones, since mine died 10 minutes in and the security guard at the gate told me to keep my camera in my bag or it could be confiscated. But I’m a rebel and hated the idea of missing all the amazing photo opportunities, so I sneaked it out for a couple shots! (Sorry security guard. I promise not to sell them for profit.)

I can not say it enough. If you haven’t listened to Brandi, you should. Amazing. Did I mention the twins? Her bassist and guitarist (and backup singers) are twin brothers, Phil and Tim Hanseroth, who have been with her for ten years now. They are fabulous singers and songwriters as well.

Did I also mention that Ingrid Michelson opened for her this time? This would be the second time I’ve seen her in concert. So clearly two people I would and have paid to see separately performing together was a dream come true. Here’s one of Ingrid and the two of them together:

Guys this was seriously the best show ever!!

Ok, enough with my trying to convince you. Listen for yourself, courtesy of my friend Lacey’s iPhone videography skills. Here is Brandi and Ingrid singing a duet! Eeek!

Right?!? Now I expect to see you at the next concert. :)


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