Dear June: 11 Month Old Baby

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Dear Juniper,

I’m sending out your first birthday invitations this week. You still seem so tiny to me though. I’ve been comparing your birth announcement with your birthday invitation photo and you look just the same to me. Maybe a few small differences, but still my baby.

You have dark brown eyes now, and a little more hair. It’s dark too. You can sit up and stand now, but you still need to hold onto something to keep from falling over. You love to dance to any music at all. You love to climb the stairs all the way to the top and then turn and smile at me. It’s like you’re saying “Look what I did!” You crawl like a pro, up on all fours now. You eat anything you can get your little hands on and then look for more. You’re happy almost all the time, and very observant. You like to watch everyone and everything and take it all in.

You are starting to know what Mama means, and Dada too, and a few times it seems like you’ve directed them at us. Saying Mama when you see me, or Dada when I point to him across the room. You love the cat and you pet and pull his fur. You suddenly love your baths and water again, and splash like crazy.

The biggest change this past month was the addition of an adorable pair of earrings for you. Your sister loves that you have the same earrings as she does. You were very brave, and getting them done early has been so much easier on everyone when it comes to keeping them clean and well taken care of.

We went on vacation last month, and it was our first family trip since you were born. It was also the first time you weren’t in your crib since you moved out of my bedroom at a few weeks old. We drove to Minneapolis, and you were not a fan of the long car rides. I ended up sitting in the back seat between you and Vera for a lot of the trip to try to keep you happy. You loved everything else though. You slept great in the hotel and had fun at a water park on the way home. (Which I think is how you overcame your temporary fear of water.)

I’m looking forward to celebrating your first birthday in a few weeks with all the people who love you. You have given us so much joy in the past 11 months, and I know it’s just the beginning… one of many birthday parties I get to plan for my baby June Bug. We love you so much, little girl, and can’t wait to see what next month brings.

Love, Mom

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