Dear June – 2 Month Old Baby

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Dear June,

I can’t believe you’re two months old this week! It seems like we were just waiting on you to get here, and I was so over being pregnant. Then you arrived and have just been the most perfect little baby.

You’re so calm and content. You have a funny little scowl-face that you make when you’re really trying to figure something out. We joke about what a handful you are, and you’re dad calls you ‘Little Dawn’ because, like me, you’re perfectly happy to just quietly observe everything around you without making a sound- as long as you’re warm that is. This usually means as long as someone’s holding you, and if you do fuss, you’ll usually stop the minute someone picks you up or walks around with you.

You rarely fuss though. If you’re hungry or need to be changed, you let us know by doing a little cough-cry to get our attention. Sometimes you do get a little cranky before bedtime at night, but once you’re down, you are already sleeping like a champ. 5-8 hours at a stretch (again, as long as you’re full and warm). Then you wake to eat and go back down without any drama, sleeping until the morning. So so thankful for that. It’s given me a lot less stressful maternity leave, since I’ve been feeling relatively well rested and energetic.

You look a lot like your big sister did when she was your age, but somehow different too. You still have the dark hair you were born with, and I selfishly hope you’ll keep it. (Vera’s all fell out and later grew back in blonde like your dad’s.) I envision you as my mini-me, with dark hair and eyes. Speaking of eyes, so far, there’s no real color. Still just gray. They’re very dark though, so we’ll see.

Your big sister has been all over you from the moment you two met. She wants to hold you all the time and kisses you constantly. She can’t wait till you’re big enough to play with her. In the past week or so, you’ve really started smiling, and that’s about her favorite thing ever. Well, we all love it really! Vera likes to poke at your little cheeks saying “Give me smiles, Junie!” until you do. Then she loudly yells, “Mom! She’s smiling at me!!” She really does love you so.

We all do, and we’re so happy to have you in our little family.
Love, Mom

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  • Sandra

    That’s so cute “Give me smiles Junie”! Love it!!!


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