Dear June: 3 Month Old Baby

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Dear June,

As of last week, you are three months old, and it seems like you’ve always been here. At the same time though, I looked forward to your arrival for so long that it’s hard to believe my maternity leave is long gone already. I’m back at work and you’ve been going to an in-home daycare with your cousin Barrett Monday through Friday. In a few months, you’ll move over to your permanent daycare , taking over Vera’s spot when she starts Preschool in March (speaking of things that are hard to believe!!).

You are the best baby. I’m just going to come right out and say that to start with. I’m sorry to all the other moms out there, because I got the best one. ;)

But seriously, you’re the most laid back, content, snugly little girl. You love to be held as much as possible, you love to eat, you love to sleep (all night!!). Your dark hair is slowly starting to thin out, which makes me sad, but you’re smiling a lot now, and starting to laugh. It’s a funny little bark that you haven’t quite mastered yet. At night you lay in your crib, cooing and talking to yourself until you fall asleep.

Your favorite perch is your dad’s arm. He holds you football style and walks all around the house. He told me that sometimes he almost forgets you’re there because you never move or peep. You just watch everyone and everything, and as long as you feel safe and warm, you’re happy as can be.

We love you so much, and really do feel so lucky to have you in our little family.
Love, Mom

Designing Dawn_ June 3 Months

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