Dear June: 4 Month Old Baby

June 4 Months

Dear Juniper,

Another month gone by, and it still seems like you’ve been here forever and also like you can’t possibly be four months already. You’ve started to talk a lot more these days, making all kinds of sounds in a very insistent voice with a serious look on your face. Vera likes to translate for us and pretend to have conversations with you.

You had your four-month check up at the doctor last week and everything looked great! All the nurses commented on your big eyes and laid-back demeanor. Pretty much the same things everyone notices about you right away. You didn’t make a peep the whole time we were there until they gave you your shots. Then you cried until I held you, when you stopped and gave the nurse a big teary-eyed frown to let her know you were upset with her.

You’re still sleeping really well. We’ve slowly started transitioning you to taking two naps a day in your crib too (rather than in my arms, like I like it). You’re getting the hang of that fast, but it’s hard to keep you on any kind of schedule since you’re daytime care is so varied. Right now you’re floating around from day to day, with different daycare setups depending on the week. It’s stressful, but we’re hoping by March, you’ll be in a permanent in-home daycare, once a spot opens up for you. Luckily, your attitude about it is the same as your attitude about everything. You just smile at whoever happens to be taking care of you for the day and go with the flow.

Last night you had your first real food: baby cereal. And you LOVED it. You were surprised at first, but once you figured it out, you started smiling, talking, and shaking your tiny fists for more. I think you’ll be a good eater like your sister. I’m looking forward to introducing you to new foods over the next few months and seeing that same excitement again!

Overall, you’re such a blessing to our family, and we couldn’t be happier. I’m so excited for your first Christmas next week! I know you don’t know what’s going on yet, but Vera does, and she’s already come up with a whole list of presents to ask Santa to bring you.

We love you little one!
Love, Mom

June 4 Months 2

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