Dear June: 7 Month Old Baby

June 7 Months-2

Dear Juniper,

As usual, I’m a couple of weeks late writing this post. Sorry about that. Keeping up with you and your sister keeps me pretty busy though. You’re 7 months old now and the biggest changes in the past month are that you’re rolling all over the place, and that you LOVE to eat baby food. You get one meal a day and you are a little porker about it! Other than that you are still nursing and doing really well.

You still have two tiny teeth. I keep thinking you’ll be getting more soon, but so far none. You went through a rough patch last month where you were up multiple times a night, which is unusual for you. I’m not sure what was going on, since, like I said, no new teeth and you weren’t sick, but we’ll chalk it up to a growth spurt, since you just wanted to eat and then go back to sleep. The bad part about that is that since (as mentioned above) you’re still nursing, I’m the only one who wakes up with you at night. Your dad doesn’t even hear you, or so he pretends. We have a deal though, that I get up with you until 6am. As soon as either you or your sister are up after that, he takes you both downstairs and lets me sleep a bit. On weekdays, that doesn’t amount to much, but I love my lazy weekend mornings.

Normally though, you and I are only up once, maybe twice a night. Usually you go to bed at 7:30 and wake up to eat between 4-5 am. After that, you like to sleep until around 7:30. So you’re a pretty good night-time sleeper. You hate taking naps though. Even at daycare you only go 20 minutes at a time. You don’t seem to miss them though, because you’re never cranky and are always just a smiling and happy girl.

Speaking of daycare, you’ve been doing really well there. All the kids love you and whenever Vera goes with me to drop you off, they all tell her they’ll take care of you for her. You’ve really started recognizing familiar faces too. You get excited to see me when I come to pick you up at the end of the day, and I love that! You smile and laugh and start waving your tiny hands in the air for me to pick you up.

You have also been starting to attempt to get up on all fours, but for the most part you just roll around to get what you want. Your sister has to keep a close watch on any toys she doesn’t want you to taste, because you love to put anything you can grab into your mouth. Maybe most exciting this month though was your first word. Which of course was Dada. You like to say it over and over and over. Probably because of the reaction you get for it. “Dadadadadadadad.”

Overall this past month has been so much fun. You’re at the age of really starting to interact with us and we all love seeing you smile and hearing your little laugh. We love you so much!

Love, Mom

June 7 Months

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