Dear Vera: 10 Month Baby

Dear Vera,

You’re ten months old now. Creeping up on a year and I can hardly believe it. You’re crawl-scooting all over the place and we have to watch you constantly to make sure you haven’t put some random item in your mouth. You have 6 teeth now and you like to show them off with big smiles that also show off those little dimples your dad gave you! Your eyes are still gray-blue and I think they might stay that way. Your newest tricks are waving at everyone and giving kisses and high-fives.

You still love your bouncer and your walker, but now you are really into your books and anything you can hit or bang. Your grandpa got you a xylophone for Christmas and you’ve hardly put it down. Your other favorite Christmas gift is your new basting brush (yes, Santa brought you a kitchen utensil). It’s made all of rubber and you love to bite it and rub the bristles against your face and mouth. Speaking of Christmas, yesterday was your very first one and it was perfect. You were spoiled by everyone and passed around the room all day. But you were so well-behaved, never crying once all day and entertaining the whole family. You are our favorite present this year by far. Your picture this month is your Christmas eve mass outfit. You were adorable!

Besides toys, you also received a whole lot of new clothes, which was much needed, because you are outgrowing everything fast. Even though your only ten months, you’re wearing mostly 12 or 18 month clothes now. Such a big girl!

It’s almost your bedtime now. We’ve gotten into a habit of snuggling you at night in our big bed until you fall asleep. Then you get to go sleep in your own crib until the morning. You’re back to sleeping through the night again and we’ve been appreciating that very much.

Happy ten months, my little beast. We love you so much.

Love, Mom

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