Dear Vera: 14 Month Baby

Dear Vera,

You’re fourteen months old today and you’ve had some big changes this month. The biggest by far is the fact that you can walk now! It literally just happened one day. All of a sudden you went from standing to walking and now you’re unstoppable. You still have some balance issues (with the bruises to prove it) and prefer to crawl if you’re in a hurry, but walking more and more. It is so strange to see you standing up and walking around like a little person! Not quite a baby anymore.

You’ve also been getting your molars in over the pasts few weeks. We’ve heard horror stories from other parent-friends, but so far, you’ve done pretty well. Some cranky days and waking a little at night, but a quick dab of baby Anbesol and you’re back to sleep in no time.

You’re talking so much now. You’ve gotten on a Mama kick and love to say it over and over and over. This may be because I make a point to respond to you each time. :) I can’t help it. I love it.

As for physical traits, your eyes are still a gray-blue that’s hard to capture in photos and as I said above, you have been getting quite a few teeth. Your hair is still very light and you’re still wearing clothes much bigger than your age.

Since the weather has been so much nicer, you’ve also come into one other new thing this past month. Friends! We’ve been able to venture outside and you’ve become quite popular with the kids in our neighborhood. They love to help you walk around, take you on the slide, and see you imitate the silly sounds they make in an attempt to get a laugh out of you. You, in turn, love them and all the new attention and people. You scamper to the door as soon as we’re home and sometimes even get cranky if they aren’t outside to play with you. I think we’ll have quite an active outdoor summer ahead! I can’t wait to see what new changes next month brings.

We love you so much.

Love, Mom

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