Dear Vera: 16 month baby

Dear Vera,

You would think that 16 months wouldn’t be so different from 15 months, but it seems like you’ve grown so much in such a short period of time. You are physically bigger, you have more hair (turning blonder and blonder this summer), and your level of communication and vocabulary are growing too.

Your new favorite word is “down?”, which you always ask as a question when you want to stop being carried. You also say ‘up’ when you want us to hold you, ‘thank you’ when you get something you want, and ‘out’ when you want to go outside and play with your friends (which is all the time!). You’re even starting to put words together. This morning you said “Hi Kitty!” when you saw your cat-brother, Lucious.

You are also developing quite a little personality, and have your own ideas. You will say ‘no’ when you don’t want to do something (which has earned you your first few time-outs!) and you have your specific things you like. Like your hat (also one of your new words), and your favorite pair of shoes.

Even if you can’t say the words, you find ways to let us know what you want. Like handing me your shoes and then sitting down and holding your foot up in the air. Or pointing to your highchair and then to your mouth. Or bringing dad his shoes and then pointing to the door and saying ‘out!’

Another thing you’ve developed this month is a more intense separation anxiety. It’s strange how you went from having it, to not, and now back to having it. But now you cling to us until you feel comfortable. You look at the ground when new people talk to you and you are very aware of when your dad or I leave the room, afraid that we won’t come back. This has made bedtime a little rougher, and although you are sleeping 10-11 hours through the night, we are back to a few minutes of ‘crying it out’ before you fall asleep because you don’t want us to leave your room. Tonight was a little better and you’re snoozing away now. Maybe you’re turning over a new leaf again?

Maybe my favorite thing you’re doing now is giving hugs. You’re still good at kisses, but now you’ll lay your head down on my shoulder for just a second when I ask for a hug. It melts me.

We love you more than I can tell you and can’t wait to see what next month brings.

Love, Mama

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