Dear Vera: 17 month baby

Dear Vera,

You’re 17 months today and you are amazing us with your growing vocabulary! Physically, you seem the same as last month, but your ability to understand and communicate keeps growing and I love it. You know too many words to try to keep track of anymore, and if you don’t know the word, you still find ways to let us know what you mean. Your latest favorites are “outside” (you say “side”) and “bath”. You also like to point at people’s belly buttons and say “bel-ba”. The biggest difference now though, is that you will try to say almost any word we ask you to, and you get a lot of them!

We bought you a small kid pool to play in and you could spend hours in the backyard splashing. Then you want to come in and take a bath! You love the water and can’t get enough. You also love books and we read every night before bed. Usually you aren’t very happy when I say “The End” and shut the last book. But then we sing a song before bed and you love that too (you still love all music and dance for any song). Lately you have started trying to sing along when I sing to you. It’s adorable.

You also are starting to play a little more independently. You love to sit and color, sometimes you want me to color with you and sometimes you will do it all on your own. You can spend longer periods of time playing with your stacking toys or any toy on your own now, and it’s so amazing to watch you figure things out and entertain yourself.

You also love animals more than ever. You lay on top of Lucious and chase him around the house. You also are smitten with the puppies at your babysitter’s house and as soon as we get within sight of the house you start saying “Puppy? Puppy? Puppy?”. We went to a petting zoo over the fourth of July and you called all the animals puppies, haha.

It’s been a fun month, and you’ve enjoyed your time at home this summer with your dad. Next month you’ll start your new daycare and I’m sure it will be a big change for all of us to get used to, but for now we’re enjoying the rest of the summer and planning our second family vacation for very soon (last year we went to Colorado and Wyoming. This year we’re headed to St. Louis!)!!

We’re excited to see what next month brings. We love you so much!!

Love, Mom

PS- See all Vera’s monthly photos here!

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