Dear Vera: 18 Month Toddler

Dear Vera,

We’re one day late with this post, but yesterday, on your actual month and a half birthday, we were a little busy. You’ve been a bit under the weather for a couple of days and made it hard to get a good photo of you for this post. I chalk it up to the first week at your new daycare, which means all kinds of new germs. Luckily though, you seem to be feeling much better today and are already asking for the puppies at daycare tomorrow. Yesterday you also got to see lots of grandparents, and they did their job of wearing you out. So we were all ready for bed when we got home last night.

Today though, I changed the title of this post. I finally have to admit that you aren’t a baby anymore. You’re definitely a toddler now. And on the move. I am having a hard time believing that you’re a year and a half old today. I’ve tried to think of something not-cliché to say about it, but I can’t. It just is what it is. You’re growing up. Fast.

Lately the thing that has been amusing me the most is your helpful behavior. You love to do what we do and that extends to cleaning up the house. You pick things up and walk them to the trash can. If you spill, you get toilet paper off the roll or the towel from the oven door (the two things you can reach) and pretend to wipe it up. When I clean the windows you insist on having a paper towel and helping out. When you see the broom, you steal it and push it around the floor. You also like to play dress-up now and want to wear my jewelry and your hairbands. You’ll bring them to me and say “pretty?” wanting me to put them on you. It all cracks me up.

It is so strange to me how fast your habits change. A few weeks ago, you hated going to bed and would fuss for at least a few minutes no matter how tired you were. This week though, you have completely flipped the script. Now when you’re feeling tired you point to your crib or say “night night” and you want to be put to bed right away. I’m not sure if it’s just because you haven’t been feeling well or not, but your dad and I are hoping this habit hangs around. It’s making life much easier and also making us contemplate a move to your big girl bed. We shall see.

Physically, you’re still growing. You are getting taller all the time and items placed on tables that were off limits before are no longer safe from your curious little fingers. Your hair is coming in slowly but surely– and still blond. A first haircut may be in the near future for you. We can’t have you sporting a baby mullet. :) Your eyes are still the same dark gray-blue. They look different from day to day.

The best thing by far this month though is that you’ve started saying “love you” to your daddy and me. The first time was all on your own: “Mama? Love you” and it melted my heart. Now you’ll say it in return almost every time we say it to you. My favorite.

I love you so much,
Love Mom


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