Dear Vera: 19 Month Toddler

Dear Vera,

Well once again we’re a day late with your birthday post. But it’s been a busy week and we didn’t get pictures in yesterday. I’m pretty sure you still look very similar to yesterday though, so that’s ok.

This past month, you finally started your new daycare and I am very happy about that. At first you weren’t too sure. There were some rough mornings the first week, but now you know the routine and have good days there playing with the other kids and the two puppies- your favorite!

You’ve been really expanding your vocabulary now and are even putting a few words together. Sometimes you surprise us with new words or little sentences. Tonight you pointed out that a lady in one of your favorite books was wearing “glasses” and before that you said “I want Daddy” both were new for you and reminded us how much you’re learning. Growing up so fast! Haha.

You make us laugh everyday. Your facial expressions alone are getting so much more dramatic. You have a cheesy grin when you are trying to get out of trouble, and you gasp and open your mouth when you hear a sound you recognize (like a firetruck or a puppy barking). Speaking of which, I usually only use one up-close shot for these posts, but I really loved this one too, so this month you have two pics. :)

One of your favorite things to do now is go to the park and go down the slides. You’re fearless and will climb right to the top of the biggest slide and go down all by yourself. You also are loving my jewelry, especially earrings. I hook them over the top of your ears (which aren’t pierced yet) and you like to look at yourself in the mirror and say “pretty!” It cracks us up. You also have developed a love of popsicles and you run to the freezer and ask for one (ok you usually ask for about three) every day.

Some other new things this month- you now call me “Mommy” instead of Mama. You’re starting to learn a few of your colors, and you can say the names of almost all of the neighbor kids (all 15 of them!). You still love to go outside and play with your friends whenever you get the chance. They love you too and come to the door to ask for you quite a bit. It’s adorable.

We can’t wait to see what next month brings! We love you so much!!
Love, Mom

PS- See all Vera’s monthly photos here!


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