Dear Vera: 20 Month Toddler

Dear Vera,

Wow. 20 months seems so old. I told someone the other day that you were almost two years old and I couldn’t believe I was saying it. This past month has flow by so quickly. It hardly seems like October was here at all, and I feel like I was just writing your 19 month letter.

You’re changing so quickly these days. You understand a lot and communicate well. You’ll say almost any word we ask you to. You also put words together, you can count to five, and you love to sing songs even though you usually only get a few words. You like to jump on the bed, but you can’t really jump yet, so it’s more like throwing yourself around on the bed.

In your pictures this month you’re wearing your favorite ‘pretties’, which were a gift from your Grandma Kris. You’ve worn them almost every day since you got them and you fight taking them off every night for bed. In fact you’re starting to get more picky about what you wear in general. Speaking of this month’s pictures, they were the hardest to get by far. You’re full of energy these days and refused to sit still. Most of them turned out like this:

That’s the usual these days though. You are constantly on the move. You love to dance to any music and make us play songs for you on the computer. You learned the word “butt” this month and will wiggle your little hips when we tell you to shake your butt. It cracks me up.

You’re also starting to edge into what some might call the ‘terrible twos’. You’re testing your limits, throwing tantrums and sometimes I think your favorite word is ‘no’. You’re learning fast though, and for the most part the sweet Vera is around more often than the beastly Vera, and we have a lot of fun chasing you around.

Oh I almost forgot that you got your first haircut this month! Just a trim in the back since really you barely have any hair still, but we had to do something about that little baby mullet you were sporting. You were very good and let me trim it with no problems, then you wanted to look in the mirror. Now you’ve got a cute little pixie cut instead. :)

As always, we can’t wait to see how you entertain us next month. We love you so much!
Love, Mom

PS- See all Vera’s monthly photos here!


  • Lacey steenson

    I look forward to reading these very month! Love you Dawn and V!!


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