Dear Vera: 21 month toddler

Dear Vera,

This month you have had such a personality. You can be a stubborn little girl when you get something in your head, like what socks you want to wear or what you want to drink (mama juice!), but your dad says you have spirit, and I agree. You like to be in control of the situation, and we’ve had lots of new games with rules you make up yourself. Like putting all the pillows on the floor and making each baby doll lay on one, then mom, then dad, then Vera. Or handing out rulers and having ‘stick’ fights in the living room. You’ve got quite an imagination. Your other favorite thing to do right now is have imaginary phone conversations.

You’ve also gotten quite good at counting to three. Usually something has to happen on three though. Like falling on the bed, or daddy chasing you around the house. Another funny thing you like to do is organize (that’s my girl!). You will pick up all your toys before we can leave the room and you have a habit of hanging your ‘pretties’ aka necklaces and hair bands on the knobs of your dresser every night. I love it.

Maybe my favorite thing this month is that you are really starting to try to talk in sentences and it cracks me up. You’ll say things like “Papa, are you?” (Grandpa, where are you?) or “Me pillow too!”. Speaking of which, ‘me too’ is one of your favorite phrases. You like to do what I do, and I can get you to go along with most things if I do them first (See mommy’s putting on her hat to go outside…). Then you’ll say “me too!” and follow right along.

Probably my least favorite thing this month, I actually noticed a few months back but I was hoping I was imagining it. You’ve started biting your fingernails. You’re dad has a bad habit of doing that, and I blame him for modeling bad behavior, haha. But seriously I don’t like seeing you biting your little hands and getting hangnails and sore fingers. I’m debating ways to curb the habit, but since you still eat with your fingers quite a bit, I’m not sure how to get you to keep your hands out of your mouth only when I want you to. We may have to wait til you’re a little older to try a paint on solution or some other trick. We’ll see. In the meantime I might have to live with two nail-biters in the family!

You’re such a fun little person and you make every day happy for us. We love you so much and can’t wait to see what next month brings!

Love, Mom

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