Dear Vera: 22 Month Toddler


Dear Vera,

With Christmas in the mix, this post is a few days late, but better late than never. Speaking of Christmas, it was so exciting for us this year with you here to enjoy it. For days before hand you kept saying “Santa’s coming!”

This year, you got some fun toys from Santa. I’ll have to do a recap on Christmas soon, but your favorite new toy is probably the trampoline from Grandma and Grandpa Sailors. Dad couldn’t wait for spring, so he set it up in the basement and you’ve been down there every chance you get. Speaking of which, you’ve also figured out how to open doors by yourself now, so we really can’t keep you contained!

This month I’ve noticed that you’re becoming very reasonable. By that I mean that you are starting to understand consequences better and we can reason with you (i.e. We have to put on our coat because we’re ready to go outside.) You listen well and try to understand what we say to you. We also make a point to try not to talk down to you, and I think it helps you learn faster when you hear normal vocabulary and conversation, instead of baby talk. The down side to that is that you’ve become pretty good at picking up on our conversations too. Like when I’m telling your dad that we can work on a house project during nap time and from across the room you say “No nap mama!”

You’re also very particular about how things are done. Every night all your dolls have to be set out in a certain order, with specific ones (Sally and baby) laid next to you in your crib and covered with your blankies. Your dad says you get that particularness from me. :)

You have really taken to your daycare now too, and especially the kids you get to play with every day. You know all their names and ask about them on the weekends when you don’t get to see them. Speaking of your friends, last week you got to play with the neighbor kids in a real Nebraska snow storm. You did get to go out once last year, but you were too small to really play. This time you loved it and would have stayed out all night if we’d let you.

As far as growing and milestones, we’re just starting to think about potty training you. You seem to be ready, and you do use the potty sometimes, but we haven’t been pushing it. I’m not sure I’m ready! I know it won’t be long though. You’re getting to be such a big girl.

Physically, you’re still big for your age. Your hair is a little darker now than it was in the summer, and is growing out slowly but surely. Your eyes are still a dark gray and seem to look different colors depending on the day.

We marvel every day at how sweet you are. You say “please” and “thank you” and “you’re welcome” and you love to give hugs and say “love you!”. You have been doing a great job of sharing lately too, offering us your toys or bites of your food. We couldn’t ask for a better girl.

You’ve also been singing all the time now. Twinkle twinkle and ABC’s are your favorite songs and you know almost all the words to both. You also like to read a lot. Where The Wild Things Are is your favorite book and we read it almost every night before saying your bedtime prayer- which you also know almost all the words to.

We love you so much and can’t wait to see what next month brings!

Love, Mom


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