Dear Vera: 25 Month Toddler


Dear Vera,

Where did the last month go? It feels like we were just at your birthday party! It’s pretty amazing how much more communicative you’ve become in the past few months. You are talking in short sentences and it’s so funny to hear you use phrases like “See you later!” and “Good job, Mama!” and “Be right back, ok Mama?” You also know your ABC’s now, both to say them, and by sight. You only recognize a few specific letters, but you know what letters are and whenever you see writing you point it out to me “Mama, I see my ABC’s!”

Your hair is starting to grow in a little more now, and we gave you a third trim up last week. You still don’t have any bangs though, so we just trim the back and call it a pixie cut. Ha! But I think it’s adorable. Your eyes are still a hard-to-name gray, and still seem to change with whatever colors are around you.

You’re starting to become more independent and want to do things on your own.  You also like to make your own choices, so I try to let you choose between two things whenever possible. Milk or water? Striped socks or polka-dots? etc… I also use this when you’re acting up, to keep it consistent and help you understand consequences. “Do you want to come read a book now and settle down, or should we turn off the light for bed?” You’re starting to get the hang of that one, but a little slower. :) You like to test your limits around here whenever you can.

You still love to do everything I do and I think it’s hilariously cute. You pretend to put in your contacts in the morning, and carry around your phone. You wear your scarf if I put on mine and you have to paint your toenails if I ever bring out the polish. You’re my mini-me and I love it!! Your dad even says you’re starting to look more like me. I don’t know about that, but I’ll take it too. :)

You are starting to get antsy to get outside again (aren’t we all!) and try to bolt whenever the back door is open. You like to let Lucious out as an excuse to open it as much as possible. Speaking of Lucious, he’s your favorite. Whenever we leave the house you yell “Bye-bye, Lucious! See you later!” And on our way home from anywhere you like to ask “Go home see my Lucious?” When your dad teases you that Lu belongs to him, you insist “No! MY Lucious Daddy!”

Growing so fast. We can’t wait to see what next month brings. Love you so much my baby girl.

Love, Mom

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