Dear Vera: 26 Months


Dear Vera,

It’s been quite the big month for you, big girl. Not only are you looking more and more like a little girl all the time, instead of a baby, but you’re acting like one too. This month you moved out of your crib and into a toddler bed. You’ve done so well with it! Surprisingly so. It makes me so happy to check on you and find you snuggled up under your covers. I have plans for a real twin sized bed for you later this year, but for now, we’re all happy with the toddler bed and how well you’ve adapted to it. I think it helps that it’s really your old crib, converted into a bed. It seems familiar to you.

This month we also finally got your little ears pierced. And they look adorable! You seem to really like them too, except when it’s time to clean them… that’s another story. It’s funny to me though, how you immediately recognize when I get the cleaning solution out. You run to your bed laughing with your hands in little fists covering your ears. Then it’s a game of “Where’s your ear hiding??” while you giggle and squirm.

Your manners continue to get better and better. You’re saying please more often now (thank you almost all the time), and you’ve recently started saying ‘no thank you’, and ‘bless you’ when anyone sneezes. Including yourself, haha. Speaking of things you’re saying, we’ve had a few nice days lately and you’ve gotten to start playing outside again. The neighborhood kids who haven’t seen you in a while are all fascinated by your big vocabulary. My favorite thing is watching you learn words and what they mean. The other day you were looking so sleepy, so I asked if you were ready to lay down for a nap. You told me “No, I still playin, Mama.” I responded “Are you sure? Your eyes are looking pretty heavy.” Which prompted “Yeah, my eyes too big.” I couldn’t stop laughing. :)

Your favorite games right now are coloring in your coloring books and hide and seek. You’re a terrible hider, but it’s really cute. (I have a video of this, but I think it’s on my old phone, so I’ll have to search for it and hopefully add it later…)

We gave you another little hair cut this past month and it’s finally starting to look almost like a style- pixie cut! The front is coming in more and more, and soon we’ll have to worry about actually fixing your hair to keep it out of your face. Not yet though. So I guess maybe you’re not too big yet after all. :)

Love you so much V,

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