Dear Vera: 27 Months


Dear Vera,

Well it’s nearly your 28th month already and I’m just now getting around to writing your 27 month letter. Life gets busy.

It is a little hard for me to recall what happened before vs. after your month b-day, so I’ll just write what I do remember and I’m sure that will do.

You’ve been so funny and talkative lately. You’re obsessed with chewing gum. You love watching Daniel Tiger on the computer while I get dressed for work in the mornings. You like to snuggle in bed with us.

Probably the biggest development since last letter is that you are potty-trained now! You’ve been doing a great job. A few snags here and there, but overall you picked it up really quickly and I am so proud of you!

Your hair is finally starting to really come in too. You look like you actually have a style! Haha. Your eyes are still that mysterious gray that seems to change daily – sometimes looking more blue, sometimes hazel brown.

You can be shy at times, but overall are very friendly. When you’re in your best moods, you will say hi to anyone you see and give that cute smile and wave of yours. You’re also very polite, saying please and thank you and excuse me when you pass someone.

It amazes me how smart you are sometimes. You recognize letters, can count almost to 20 and constantly use phrases that I didn’t know you knew. It cracks me up. The other day I called for you and you responded with “Yeah mom? You got a idea?” I laughed so hard.

That little personality is my favorite thing these days. You make me laugh all the time. You can have a real phone conversation now too, and that’s been fun to see. You are very independent at times, insisting that you climb into the car seat by yourself instead of being lifted in, and that you carry your own little bag, but other times you are shy and insist that I hold you or do things for you.

I hope that sticks around for a while. I like them both.

Love you so much!

Love, Mom

PS- See all Vera’s monthly photos here!

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