Dear Vera: 28 Month Toddler


Dear Vera,

Your vocabulary continues to expand and you communicate your thoughts so well now. It’s amazing to me to hear you randomly tell your dolls a story we read days ago, or sing songs you hear on the radio. We’ve been working really hard on taming tantrums by showing you that if you calm down and communicate, it makes everything much easier on everyone, and usually you get what you’re wanting a lot faster that way. You’re starting to learn that you get your way much more often when you ask nicely. Haha. My favorite phrase, heard at least 18 times a day is “Mama I want to ______. Can I?” You have a particular way of asking ‘can I?’ that is so adorable and makes me laugh every time. I need to remember to get it on video so I never forget.

Your favorite new pastime is playing the iPad games we download for you. This mostly includes games that teach you things, like the alphabet and reading. I think you are also learning some of this at your daycare, because you have been astounding me with how you already recognize several different letters, and can tell me what sounds they make.

You’ve been doing very well with potty training, and only use diapers at bedtime now. You love picking out your own undies, and get very upset if we ever try to put a diaper on you during the day. You’re very independent like that and always want to do big kid things. You insist on selecting your own snacks, having your own cup to drink out of, picking your books to read at bedtime, etc, etc.. I like to give you choices whenever possible because it makes you so happy.

Speaking of things that make you happy, since we’re coming up on the 4th of July, your dad bought you some snaps at the fireworks stand and you are officially obsessed! We’ve probably had to go back 4 times already and have run through about 40 boxes of the things. You throw them as hard as you can and if they don’t pop, you run out and stomp on them, then laugh. It’s hilarious to watch.

I love you my little big girl.

Love Mom.


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