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Dear Vera,

You’re four and a half years old now (two weeks ago actually), and you’re growing up so much. You both crack me up and frustrate me daily. You always test me and make me want to be better. You’re a spirited, curious, stubborn, opinionated, and outspoken little girl, and I remind myself always that those are the exact qualities that will make you an awesome woman someday. Even if today they’re only put to use arguing with me about what outfit you’re going to wear to school.

Speaking of school, you’re in Pre-K now and loving every minute of it. You come home withe newly acquired knowledge every day that just astounds me. Yesterday you told me how to spell ‘yellow’ and last week you recited the pledge of allegiance in full. You’re also in swim lessons currently, and continue to impress me with how quickly you pick up new skills.

You have a good vocabulary and speak very clearly most of the time, and you’re full of great one-liners. You ask questions constantly about everything and love learning new things, especially new words and phrases. On Monday you got upset with me for suggesting you wear shorts instead of the dress you wanted (heaven forbid you wear pants ever). You put your head in your little hands and mumbled “Don’t DO this to me, Mom!”. A few weeks ago, your dad told you it was time to get ready for bed and you responded with “Nonsense!”. And the last time you were putting off going to sleep and I asked you why you didn’t use the bathroom before bedtime like you’re supposed to you told me “Well, Mom, I didn’t have to go right at that moment.”

You’re in a stubborn food phase, and it takes FOREVER to get you to try anything. Even foods you’ve eaten before and liked. Once you do, you eat well, but always try to save room for dessert by leaving some food on your plate. My daughter after all, I guess.

You absolutely LOVE being a big sister. You think of June as your baby. You share all your toys with her and try to carry her around or help her learn to walk. You talk to her in a baby voice and pat her hair and pinch her cheeks. You hate it when she cries, and you’re very proud when anyone talks about her. “That’s my sister!” is heard a lot.

Your favorite things include riding your bike, swimming, anything outside really, playing with play-dough or sand, and watching shows on the iPad. You like the control of being able to pick your own cartoons from the Netflix line up, and it’s been a real life-saver on nights where I’m putting both you and your sister to bed alone and need to keep you quietly entertained while I get her to sleep. Your other favorite thing is music, specifically, Taylor Swift. You know all her songs and sing them constantly and very dramatically. Taylor is followed closely by Katy Perry, and your dad recently recorded an adorable video of you lip syncing in your signature dramatic fashion, which might be my favorite thing ever. It pretty much sums you up perfectly.

We love you so much, little girl!

Love, Mom



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