Dear Vera – 4 Month Baby

Dear V,

Four months already! I love you at this age. Of course, I love you at every age, but you are so much fun right now. You are sleeping a lot better most of the time, although we still have a little ways to go, but my favorite thing is how much more interactive you are. I think you are able to see farther distances now, because you seem to recognize us from across the room, and your smile lights up your little face. You are also talking to us a lot more. You look at us like you have lots of important things to say and then you make as many noises as you can think of. You’re getting very good at holding your own head up too, and that makes it easier for us to carry you around and play with you. You like to be lifted high in the air and you like to “fly” around the room. You reward us with little giggles.

You had your four-month check-up yesterday. The doctor said we can start giving you little tastes of baby food if we want to, but I’m not sure we’re ready for that yet. We’ve just started topping off your milk with formula this week, because your appetite is growing as quickly as you are, but I’m not ready to switch you over completely yet. I like being connected to you in that way and I secretly love the feeling that you need me in a way that no one else can fulfill for you. But my reasons aren’t completely selfish. I truly believe that as long as you are still nursing, you are getting the most natural and perfect nutrition customized just for you, and I want to provide that for you as long as I can. We’ll go with the flow and see what next month brings. I’m sure it will be full of surprises as always!

I love you!
Love, Mom

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  • JRFrugalMom

    She is gorgeous! Enjoy every moment, because these precious early months go by so fast.

    I am your newest follower, and I would like to invite you to
    the Follow Us Monday Morning  blog hop at Frugality Is Free.



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